Saturday, January 31, 2009

Clara's First Jujitsu Tournament

Clara has been taking weekly judo classes for about a year. At her school they also teach sport jiujitsu, and she just started learning that, too. Today she went to her first tournament, which was at her school, Cahill's. It was a pretty informal tournament, for beginners, with just students from Cahill's and a hapkido school in San Francisco.

Clara had a great time. I took her there at 9am, helped her sign in and get her gear on, and went with her while she weighed in. (88 pounds!) Then I left, because I was due over at a parenting class with Karen. I left Clara with Karen's cellphone in the duffel bag, and she called me a couple times during the course of the morning to tell me what a great time she was having.

She competing in two bouts and won a total of 13 points, for doing flips and pins on her opponent. Maybe some strikes, too -- I don't know all the details. When I came back at about noon she was sitting happily on the side of the mat, watching the other competitors and looking really pleased.

She came in second place!

After that we went for hamburgers at In 'n' Out and she went home and made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in her easy-bake oven. I have rarely seen her so happy. It was a great day!