Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome Curtis!

What better way to kick off our new blog by posting an official announcement: Curtis Joseph Hunt has come to live with our family, and he just turned two!

Curtis has actually been living with us, as a foster child, for about two months. But we've been so discombobulated that we haven't really gotten the word out yet. Since he celebrated his birthday yesterday -- September 30 -- it seemed like a good time to get off our butts and do so. So please welcome Curtis to our family! We are all having lots of fun getting to know him, playing with him, and watching him grow (he's already an inch taller than he was when he first came to us).

I'm hoping that this blog will make it easier for us to post updates about what we're doing, point you to photos, etc.

Feel free to make comments (you'll need to register with this blog to do that, but I think the process is pretty easy - just click on the "register" link over in the sidebar, under "technical stuff") or just email Dylan or Karen. Hope to hear from you soon!